Original Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens!

The teenage Halloween party – you’re growing into your body and finally understanding that everything you’ve loved as a kid is completely uncool. You want something unique, something different, and something to express yourselves in front of your friends and classmates. You’re already stressing over school, let us worry about your Halloween costume.

Here are 5 teen Halloween costume ideas that nobody has seen before:

This Giant Jet Pack Ride On Inflatable Costume

Admit it, you thought those were his real legs? This costume is going to blow your friends out of this world. Every childhood dream of being able to fly suddenly becomes a reality. No make-up or other accessories are needed for inflatable costumes, making them perfect for those teens that don’t want to fret about the entire dressing up process.

Jet Pack Giant Ride On Inflatable Costume

This Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Costume

So realistic, so fun, so creative – you’re going to get asked to be in so many pictures this Halloween in this unique Halloween costume idea. Better work on your roar! Stop at the mall first for some ice cream and just watch everyone’s phones come out as you head up the escalator.

Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Costume

This Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Costume

While all your friends are wearing overused, overdone costumes, you’ll be entering the party with an Alien on your back! Is he stuck there? Nobody knows. And, if you get tired of hiding in your costume, you can take it off to reveal a Morphsuit like this next costume…

Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Costume

This Zalgo Morphsuit

If you love getting creepy and showing off your love of horror, this Morphsuit is perfect for you to show off – or terrorize your younger siblings as they go trick-or-treating. Morphsuits are comfortable and will surely become your favourite thing to wear whenever a costume is needed.

Zalgo Morphsuit


This Creepy Doll T-Shirt

Too cool for a full-on costume this Halloween – or just don’t have the time to bother? Why not show up this Halloween in a t-shirt that, with only your phone, becomes the creepiest one at the party. Get creative with a little make-up for a little extra creepiness.

Digital Dudz Creepy Doll Face T-Shirt

And, when you have some interesting conversations with friends over where you found these great costumes – don’t forget to tell them “Morphsuits.co.uk”!

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