Football Kit Morphsuits to Revolutionise the Beautiful Game

Here at MorphCostumes, we are in the initial stages of negotiations with the FA and several top Premier League teams about our range of innovative ‘Football Kit Morphsuits’.

Predominantly spurred on by the shocking amount of time that players spend on the ground as a result of shirt pulling, we have set out to design a lighter, tighter and more aerodynamic football kit.

Football Kit Morphsuits have several key advantages when compared to traditional football attire:

  • They are lighter and tighter, reducing drag while running
  • They will completely eliminate shirt pulling from the game
  • The Spandex headgear reduces glare from the sun, while preventing players from biting or spitting at their opponents
  • ‘Innovative Shin Guard Technology’ (ISGT) provides protection for the entire lower leg

Talks are currently being held with several leading Premiership clubs in London and Manchester, who are very eager to try out our prototypes in their next training session.

Blue Football Morphsuits FrontBlue Football Morphsuits Back

Gregor Lawson, Co-founder of MorphCostumes commented: “MorphCostumes is a company with innovation and creativity at it’s heart and we also love football. Like so many fans we’ve been affected by some of the problems in the game over the past year and we thought we could help. We’re incredibly excited to introduce these specially designed footie strips which we hope will make football better for the players and the fans.”

The Football Kit Morphsuits will of course be available in the traditional colours of each Premier League side, though there have been several design hurdles to overcome in regards to individual players. For example, Fellaini will require a completely bespoke headpiece in order to house his impressively large hair.

Red Football Morphsuits FrontRed Football Morphsuits Back

We are expecting all national football teams to adopt these revolutionary kits for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, to help protect players from the sun.

For more information or pictures, contact:

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