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The Disney princess has never been so popular and what can be more feminine, girly and lovely than a party filled with lovely little girls in fancy dress playing the part of their favourite fictional Royal. The best news for party planners is that the internet is literally filled to bursting point with Disney princess ‘stuff, from kids Disney princess costumes and bejeweled regal accessories, to princess party bags, napkins and paper plates. There really couldn't be an easier kid party to plan.


There is simply no grey area when it comes to the Disney princess. You either are one or you're not. To properly qualify the bona fide Disney princess must have had a starring role in an authentic Disney animated feature. They must be human-like (with the exception of the Little Mermaid) and they absolutely MUST have really nice hair. Interestingly, they dont necessarily have to be a ‘princess in the purest sense (Cinderella, for example, was merely landed gentry).

Known for their inner AND outer beauty, most Disney princesses will also have a particularly good singing voice (vocal range similar to Mariah Carey is the minimum requirement). And finally, a proper Disney Princess will always experience some kind of romantic episode, generally resulting in a big wedding to someone handsome, followed by a lifetime of eternal bliss. 


Once you know your princesses, it's time to choose one. Most little girls are pretty clear about whom their favourite princess is and wont need your help. But as the party planning adult, its worth knowing your Belles from your Ariels, especially since youre the one who will be stocking up on all the merchandise.

We've summarised the main candidates for you here, along with a rather helpful ‘Get the Look link:

Snow White 

Plot: Has horrible step mum with vanity issues who feeds her poisoned apple. Passes out, saved by dwarfs, marries Prince.



Plot: Horrid step mum is mean, makes her do all the chores. Saved by fairy Godmother, attends a big glamorous party, loses a shoe (we've all been there) and marries the handsome Prince.




Plot: Horrible fairy that has it in for her ever since she was a baby, makes her stab her finger on spinning wheel. Shes cursed, falls asleep, is woken by prince and then marries him.

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Plot: Mermaid with a strict dad who falls in love with a prince, drinks a potion supplied by evil the sea witch, recovers, then marries the prince.


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Plot: Scary beast falls in love with her, turns out hes actually a handsome prince and (surprise, surprise) she marries him.

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Plot: Bored of life at the palace, goes for a walk and fall in love with a non-royal. Has a bit of bother with a lamp and a baddie then marries the Princely Commoner

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Plot: Sets out to save her sister Elsa who has icy powers she can't control. Succeeds with the help of her friend Kristoff, a comedy snowman and a talking reindeer.




Plot: Kidnapped by horrible witch who pretends to be her mum. Imprisioned in tower with only her 70ft hair to keep her company. Escapes, cuts her hair and marries her beloved, Eugene.


Plot: Elsa has been hiding away her power to freeze everything she touches, but it's not long before she freezes her whole town and is looked upon as the icy queen.

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There Invites set the tone of any party so it's vital that they tie in with your theme. Once you know your princesses, it's time to choose one. Most little girls are pretty clear about whom their favourite princess is and won't need your help. But as the party planning adult, it's worth knowing your Belles from your Aerials, especially since you are the one who will be stocking up on all the merchandise. You can find pre-printed invites of Disney's most recent princess offerings from most high street and online retailers. If funds are low, you can make your own invitations by cutting and pasting Disney princess-inspired free clip-art images from the web. If you want to get really creative sites like Pinterest are bursting with mood boards and ideas. 


 Head straight to your local grocery store for a ready-to-eat offering, or bake or buy a plain sponge and use cake toppers to add the personal touch. A small, cheap, toy figure will garnish a plain sponge rather nicely. For a super easy solution, buy edible rice paper toppers and decorate little cupcakes. Or, best of all, plunge the legs of a plastic Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, or Cinderella into a bowl shaped sponge to make a beautiful princess cake.