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Top Ten Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year when the kids plan to eat sweets till they drop and you will find yourself manically searching for a last minute costume – this is usually because they’ve been so indecisive in the first place.

Never fear (actually a little bit of fear might help you prepare for what’s ahead), we’ve put together a list of the top ten fun fancy dress ideas for you to clothe the kids in or take some inspiration from… 

10. Classic

Choose a colour, any colour, in one of the available child size Morphsuits and let them go wild. They’ll stand out from the crowd in their all in one and confuse everyone else as they struggle with their costume’s many layers and accessories. With an easily detachable Velcro hood, which is easy to see through, there should be no problem for them when carrying out their tricks on Halloween.

9. Wild
Let the kids embrace their wild side with the Animal Planet Morphsuit range. If your little one is actually a big monkey then the Gorilla Morphsuit is just the thing, if they have more of a catty side then the Tiger Morphsuit is perfect and if you always find them sneaking up on you why not let them slide in to the Cobra snake Morphsuit . Warning: they WILL make loud animal noises all evening.

8. Block-head
Building blocks were the foundation of many a childhood, we’ve all sat there creating something amazing (a tiny house which your little people struggled to fit in), so why not let the kids also embrace their love for building and dress up as a real Block Head with the Block Head Costume?

7. Out of this World
If your child is sometimes not of this planet, then we think the Alien Morphsuit is the perfect fit. Available in lime green and glow in the dark, this Morphsuit is sure to get everyone talking.

6. Spooky
It is Halloween after all so we think you should dress your little monster in a costume to embrace the spirit of spookiness. The Mummy Morphsuit is perfect for little ones who like to play scary pranks on their friends, whilst the Monster Mouth Morphsuit is great for creeping everyone out!

5. Action
Do your kids like nothing better than to karate chop their way through life or race around like they’re always late for something? Then dressing up as a Ninja is the perfect solution. Or they could become a Racing Driver for the evening - throw in a gaming steering wheel to steer their way from door to door looking for treats.

4. Disney
If your little one is a Prince or Princess then dressing up as a classic Disney character is the best way to reflect this. You can find a great range of character costumes for your kids to choose from, whether they want to be a little mermaid in the Disney Princess Ariel costume, a stern cowboy in the Disney Toy Story Woody costume or a delusional spaceman wearing the Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear costume.

3. Star Wars
Star Wars, whether you love it or hate it, is a huge part of pop culture and kids will love dressing up in the Jedi Robe or Star Wars Clone Trooper costumes and fighting things out between them. Cue light saber swishing sounds and watching them try to move things with their mind.

2. Smart

Isn’t it lovely when the children are all dressed up in the best clothes? Why not make things easier for yourself and kit them out with a Tuxedo Morphsuit? It’s all in one, easy to wear and comfortable enough for kids to still act like kids, aka run and jump around and not worry about creasing their clothes.

1. Superhero

Morphcostumes to the rescue! Spiderman, Batman,Iron Man and Captain America – the possibilities are endless with our range of fun and easy to wear costumes, available in both boy and girl designs. Let them be the hero of Halloween, fighting crime and eating every sweet thing in sight.