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Top Ten Frightful Food Ideas: Scary Halloween food

If you’re looking for something deliciously devilish to sink your teeth into this Halloween, then look no further than our list of the top ten terrifying treats to serve up on October 31st.

1. Eyeball pops

They might look horrifying but lollipop eyeballs are actually delicious! Whizz Madeira cake, cookies and melted milk chocolate in a blender then roll into 10 walnut sized balls. Pop them in the fridge to firm up for a couple of hours then coat in white chocolate. Decorate with one coloured Smartie and use an icing pen to draw on a black pupil and red squiggly lines on the white part.

2. Creepy crawly cupcakes

There’s nothing creepy crawly about these! Bake or buy a batch of chocolate cupcakes and decorate with brown chocolate icing. Stick on a couple of yellow dolly mixture sweets for eyes and chocolate Matchsticks into the cupcake to create legs and you have edible spiders for everyone!

3. Jittery jelly

To give everyone a scare, make up some green and red coloured jelly and mix in some snake or creepy bug shaped jelly sweets.

4. Monster paws

Guests won’t wait to get their hands on the monster paws at your party. Take some washed, clear plastic gloves and fill them with popcorn, tie up the ends and draw fingernails on the tips with a red Sharpie.

5. Gingerbread ghouls

Make up some gingerbread, or buy some plain gingerbread men from the supermarket, and decorate them with white icing spread all over and then ice on large black mouths and eyes.

6. Petrifying pizzas

Take some plain pizza bases, spread on a yummy tomato base and then get creative with the toppings to create some horrible monster faces using string cheese, olives, pepperoni and peppers. The cheese is great to create a bandage effect for a mummy, pop on some black olives for eyes with red pepper for the pupil, pepperoni for a long gruesome tongue and splash on some more tomato puree for dried blood. Yummy!

7. Perfectly frightening platter

Get guests eating something a little healthier by putting out a dip platter featuring sliced up raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and celery. Create a pumpkin face made up of lots of carrots, olives for eyes and a big grinning mouth and celery for the stalk. Serve up with some dips on the side for people to enjoy.

8. Dolled up!

Take an old, plastic baby doll and create a ghoulish serving dish (make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned beforehand) for your dips. Cut a hole in the stomach and fill the hollow with guacamole or salsa and serve up a disturbing, dipping experience for guests.

9. Sweet and spooky

Food dye can make something as simple as a cute, little cupcake look horrifying. Drop in a good amount of black or dark purple dye, top off with bright orange frosting and a spider shaped jelly and you have some truly spooky treats.

10. Alarming apples

Toffee apples are an autumn time staple. You could decorate yours with spider webs and creepy pumpkin faces from melted chocolate and sweets.