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Most fashion experts will agree that the right carefully chosen accessory can make or break an outfit. And as the experts in all-things-dressing-up, we're here to tell you that the very same rule applies to your Halloween outfit. A good wig for example, a particularly scary weapon or realistic stick-on pus weeping skin sore can instantly catapult any mediocre Halloween fancy dress look from non-scary-borderline-silly, to spine tingllingly terrifying.

And a carefully chosen accessory can also transform a normal everyday outfit into something unspeakably spooky (if you're too tight or lazy to buy a proper costume). All the little dress-up extras could make all the difference to your Halloween fancy dress efforts. Essential accessories to make your Halloween costume even scarier...


Everyone loves a bit of horror make up, us especially (check out our pick of the best Halloween Costumes 2014 here for a few of our favourite gross-out make up looks). And face painting has got to be the simplest way of enhancing any Halloween fancy dress outfit. You can be as subtle or blood curdling as you fancy.
A simple warty nose, for example, should suffice, if you're heading down the witchy dress up route this year. A tube of fake blood - easy to pick up around to Halloween time - and a simple pair of fangs worn with your best black suit can instantly transform you into a very passable Count Dracula. And a basic face painting kit will give you all the basic equipment you need to change into a whole range of nasty evil Halloweeny type creatures. If you surf the net, you'll also come across a shed load of YouTube ‘How to' videos, each showing you how to create various looks, from wolves and skeletons to vampires, possessed life-size dolls and ‘Creepy Girls' (we like this one)...

Some of these make-up master classes are more ambitious than others as you will soon discover. We'd suggest starting with something simple. Assume you'll be rubbish at it and anything better than that will be a bonus. There are some amazing looks to recreate if you're talented with the face paint. Keep it simple if you're rubbish.


Witch or zombie hair can be created with relative ease as long as your hair is a decent length and you own a cheap comb. Back combing will leave you looking distinctively undead if you complete the look with just the right amount of appropriately horrible zombie/witch make up, so it's a great budget option too. Or if you're looking for a more ‘bespoke' Halloween hair do, you'll find a truly spooktacular selection of scary hair online. Backcombing is a simple way to look horrible for Halloween. 


Scary teeth are great. And don't assume we mean vampire teeth. Vampires are traditionally done to death at Halloween (excuse the pun), so if you're thinking about creating some dastardly dentures for Halloween this year, try and resist the temptation to buy a rubbish pair of plastic fangs. Instead try something a bit more ambitious. If you really must do the vampire thing, at least make up for lack of imagination and create your own bespoke pointy teeth from scratch and pair with a decent vampire costume. 

Nasty in-bred Texas Chainsaw Massacre style dentures always go down well, unless you're hoping to attract someone of the opposite sex. Some people will have their own ‘natural set' thanks to poor dental hygiene but for the rest of us should go online and purchase an attractive pair of Billy Bob Fake Teeth that will go nicely with a nice pair of dungarees and a manic expression. Alternatively go full Hill Billy morphsuit and let our built in teeth do all the talking.


Proceed with caution when it comes to stick on facial hair. Yes, it's very cool to rock up as a realistic-looking werewolf with full facial fluff. But two hours and 17 pints of lager later, there is nothing special about having a sticky, sweaty, furry mass glued to your face. If you must go hairy, go detachable hairy and opt for a hairy face you can remove easily, or even better stick to a pair of simple but effective hairy ears instead. Alternatively, there will be a whole lot of Halloween revellers out there who might find a pair of hairy hands quite attractive.