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Halloween Party Games for Adults

A Halloween party just wouldn’t be the same without some spooky themed party entertainment. To help we’ve got some great ghoulish game ideas that everyone can enjoy! 

Spooky Guess Who

When your guests arrive stick the name of a famous horror movie character onto their back and for the rest of the evening they have to ask other people questions about the character, so they can work out who they are meant to be. If you have a mix of friends, who might not all know each other, this is a great way to break the ice and get people talking.

Murder mystery

Why not go all out and arrange a full-on murder mystery party and encourage your guests to show off their acting skills? Assign each guest a character to come dressed as and make one person the murderer. Write your own story for the evening to follow (or find inspiration online) and send out character assignments a good few weeks before the event. Make sure guests keep their characters a secret until the party.

Place clues around the house for guests to find, to uncover who the murderer is - this person shouldn’t even know they are the villain until they are uncovered! As the host it is your job to keep an eye on people and move the story along.

Make sure each guest has a CV of their background and character to work from throughout the evening; the finer details can really enhance the experience if everyone is on board. Give out a prize to the person who guesses who the murderer is correctly.

Apple Bobbing

There’s nothing more fitting for a Halloween party than apple bobbing, no matter what age you are. It’s as simple as filling a huge bucket of water, placing delicious looking red apples inside and challenging friends to fish as many out as possible, using their mouths. Add red or green food colouring to the water to make things a little spookier.

Ghost Relay

Clear a big space in the room for this game and have guests balance a white balloon on a plate (use plastic ones if alcohol is involved) and get them to race against each other, all whilst trying to keep the balloon balanced on the plate. It sounds simple but it’s great fun and hilarious to watch.
With these party games planned your evening should be a big hit with your friends or family, so pull on that Morphsuit and prepare for an evening of frightening fun!