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Dressing Up Your Pet For Halloween

Why should your favourite, furry friend miss out on all the dressing up fun at Halloween? You could even get them to match your Morphsuit!

It’s not uncommon nowadays for people to dress up their pets, mainly dogs, just make sure yours doesn’t get too warm in their costume and if they look uncomfortable take it off straight away!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your pet look the part this Halloween, they might not fit in a Morphsuit but you can pop some fun accessories on them. We think they’d look great in one of the many coloured curly wigs and sports wristbands available, or pop a bumbag around their belly to keep your personal belongings safe all evening.

Matching costumes are the best idea, why not go for something spooky and dress up as a classic symbol of Halloween. The Pumpkin Morphsuit will look great as you walk in beside your dog wearing a matching bright orange hat (complete with green stalk) and large orange collar. You’ll look so adorable together that you’ll probably pull - you, not the dog.

If you’re looking for something a little more terrifying, and closer to home, then take some inspiration from the classic film Jaws. Stick a homemade fin to your pet’s back (paint a simple cardboard cut out grey and stick on with a belt or Velcro) and slip on the fun Man Eating Shark costume.

If you’re looking to make an impact at the party then go for gold - or yellow - and dress up as a pair of bananas. You can slip on the ‘a-pealing’ Banana Fancy Dress Costume from Morphsuits, whilst your furry friend also dons a bright yellow costume.

Go wild and dress up as something you’d find on an African safari. The Animal Planet tiger Morphsuit would work great and you can dress your pet up to match with an animal ears headband and stripy orange and black jacket.

It’s simple and easy to get your furry friend involved with Halloween this year, just keep an eye out that they don’t decide their new costume is a chew toy!