The Night of the Living Stag with

So you’ve agreed to give the condemned man… ahem, we mean ‘groom’ a final send off from the green mile of his impending bachelorhood as he throws himself into the happily never after of married life. It’s only fitting you should give him both barrels and a night full of tricks and treats, to help get your party started here’s some frightful tips from the stag party experts at



All his mates have laid out their hard earned cash to be there. That should be treat enough, now onto the good stuff.



From Busk ‘til Dawn

No Mexican canteen staffed by blood sucking vampires here. Instead give the groom a hat and a guitar and stand him outside a friendly boozer. The trick is he’s, not allowed inside until his singing talents have filled his hat with enough coins to buy a drink.
The rest of you can take position in the beer garden and enjoy his virtuoso performance.


Scaredy Pants

“Where we’re going we don’t need trousers…” Actually that’s a lie, during a paintball session it’s just the groom who should be told to strip down to his Y’s. Place his clothes at one end of ‘the wicket’ and him at the other. He then has to run the gauntlet to retrieve his clobber while the stags line up either side and give him a multi-coloured makeover.


Cardiac Arrested

Want to make his heart skip a beat? Then bring in the boys in blue. You can arrange for fake police to arrest him for a non-existent crime, slap him in cuffs and drive him round for a bit. He’ll be starting to freak out right up until the coppers pull him from the car and bundle him into a building where all his mates and two smoking hot stripers will be waiting to greet him. Read more about Stag Arrest…

 30s man

Freak Fashion Show

Get him suitably dressed for the occasion with a Morphsuit. In fact go the whole hog/stag and get all the guys kitted up in Morphsuits. Yes we’re biased but Morphsuits are the coolest and most fun fancy dress known to stag-kind. Don’t believe us? Check out these suitably (Morph)suited and booted stags.


Hells Angel

The groom is king for the night, he shouldn’t have to walk anywhere. Get him a nice pink girl’s bike to transport him between watering holes. Make him cycle no matter how much of a big girl he thinks he looks (just make sure you get video footage to upload to Facebook).


Big Mama

He might well be hoping you’ll be getting him a stripper, well you don’t want to let him down, in fact why not super-size it? Treat the man of the moment to a Roly Poly Show. Will the earth move for him or is it just the ground beneath her shuddering a bit? Fat bottom girls really do make the rocking world go round. See more Roly Poly Show information here…


Good luck and be awesome!



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