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Turning 18. It's the coming of age. The moment when, after a long struggle with raging hormones, angst and acne, you reach the triumphant turning point in your teens. The rest of the world finally starts listening to some of the really important stuff you have to say and starts to take you (a bit) more seriously. But perhaps even more importantly, your 18th birthday is the euphoric day when you can finally ditch the fake id and proudly order a drink in the pub without being arrested.
It would be utter madness to let your 18th birthday pass by without an amazing celebration party of some kind or another. But just in case you're so overwhelmed by the gravity of this monumental occasion, we're pulled together a few cool party ideas.
1) Keep it simple. Throw a big house party and fill it with great music, a few tasty nibbles (to line your stomach) and lots of crazy drinking games. Just DON'T advertise it to all the psychos on Facebook who are looking for the next house to wreck.
2) Take a tour on a party bus which operate in most of the UK's major cities (and quite a few glamorous ones overseas too, we discovered) Jump on board and be whisked away on a VIP bus trip you and you mates won't forget. It's away from riding the sweaty number 9 at rush hour in case you were wondering. Think fun, food, booze and boogying.
3) Hire a limo to get you and your mates to your birthday bash location in style. It beats getting a lift from your mum any day. Get in the mood for your big night with a few onboard drinks as you cruise and experience how the A-List live.
4) Head out to a Karaoke bar dressed up as your favourite pop icon or rock legend. Visit YouTube to find instructional videos that'll help you emulate your favourite star. Aspiring Taylor Swifts should click here (LOVE the super-keen mum). And for the boys, one obvious dressing up options is the King Of Rock himself. It's also a pretty easy option, as the internet's literally full to bursting with Elvis accessories.
5) Dance away the last traces of childhood at your favourite club. Dressing up is obligatory for a night out clubbing but you really should make an extra special effort for your 18th, whether you're wearing your drop-dead gorgeous civvies, or a crazy fancy dress ensemble to night even more memorable (and give you photo memories to laugh at when you turn 21).
6) Choose a fancy dress party theme party for year you were born in. This will give any lazy or unimaginative mates loads of outfit possibilities. You can basically choose anything or anyone, from pop icon or Hollywood heartthrob to whatever happened to be super cool or interesting at the time.
7) If you're a 90s kid you would have grown up with Buzz. Your 18th is the time to get drunk look like him! Here is the perfect .
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