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Kids' Halloween parties are mostly about the dressing up but not ALL about the dressing up. You can play some really cool games with your kids too. And as any small person will tell you, playing a party game dressed up as a
skeleton, blood-sucking vampire, vicious pointy toothed bat or half-putrified zombie is much more fun than any game you'll ever play in normal clothes. So, Halloween costumes at the ready, prepare a menu of spooktacular games that will have your little guests shrieking with delight.


Body Parts Game – Tell a ghostly tale about a dead body that's been chopped up into lots of little pieces (most kids love a bit of gratuitous gore), then switch off the lights and use different foods, making your little darlings guess the correct body part. You could use grapes for eyeballs, spaghetti for intestines, and jelly for liver. And even eat them afterwards. Although that feels a bit wrong. 

Zombie Attack – Split your kids into two groups in the garden, zombies and zombie hunters. All the zombies line up at one end of the garden, facing the hunters at the other end. Using those soft plastic balls you get in play pits (and can buy easily online) the hunters have to hit as many zombies as they can. Every time a zombie gets hit, it must go back to the start line. If one manages to reach the hunters without being hit, they get to eat some brains. Not literally, of course. You can substitute human brains for jelly sweets, or something similar. 


Wrap your Mummy – Buy a big pack of very cheap toilet rolls and have them at the ready. Split your little group into teams and give each team a stock of rolls. One kid from each team gets to be the Mummy and the aim of the game is for them to get wrapped up by their team mates as quickly as possible. The winning team, is the one who not only finishes first, but who manages to create the most realistic and spooky-looking Mummy. The losers have to clear up the room full of loo roll.


Apple Bobbing - It's a classic, so you probably already know what to do. But in case…Fill a large bucket, bath or paddling pool (if you've got loads of kids coming over) with water and drop a few apples in. Apple bobbing is a classic when it comes to the spooky holiday, so be sure to fill a large bucket with water and place some bright red apples on top. Give out sweets as prizes if someone manages to get an apple out, but of course encourage them to eat the fruit as well!  

Pumpkin Treasure Hunt - Create a Halloween treasure hunt with small, simply carved pumpkins hidden out in the garden. Fill the pumpkins with sweets and get the kids to go out and search for them just as it is getting darker.


Buy Wink Murder - Wink Murder is a fun game to play, it's full of suspense and also a little dark! Get the kids to gather in a circle and then take one out of the room: they are now the Detective. Before bringing them back in choose someone to act as the murderer. Once the Detective has returned to the circle the Murderer must sneakily wink at the rest of the children in the circle one by one to ‘murder' them, without being noticed. Expect lots of dramatic falling to the floor and screaming. The Detective must work out which person is doing the winking. It's like theatrical Cluedo, minus the candlesticks.

What's In The Box? - Fill some non see-through Tupperware boxes with different foods and let the kids feel inside, whilst wearing blindfolds. The aim of the game is to guess which gruesome surprise each food is meant to represent. Peeled grapes make great eyeballs, jelly is good as brains and linked sausages in sauce are perfect for intestines. Yuck! It's great fun though and gets the kids laughing as they watch their friends' screwed up faces. With these spooky games in place this year's party should be a fun one for every little monster!