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A stag night is generally considered any husband-to-be's last night out as a ‘free' man, at least in the truest beer swilling, vomit inducing, memory erasing sense of the word. Of course its ridiculous to claim the lifes' fun stops the moment you tie the knot, of course not, fun just changes a little. Married life offers up a whole new world of "fun" stuff which mostly involve dinner parties, small talk and lots of Sauvignon Blanc.

What a stag do is, without doubt, is the last time you'll get to behave like an irresponsible teenager while having a good chance of getting away with it. It is a night of alcoholic excess, an orgy of terrible dancing, bad jokes and kebabs. It is a time to dress up in an awesome fancy dress outfit and chat to sober people at the bar, as if you weren't looking really, really stupid.
The key to having the most stupendously amazing and memorable stag do fun possible isn't rocket science. But it is dependant on a three rather crucial factors.

The Guest List

If you want a stag do that's wilder than wild; one that will be forever remembered by all your mates for all eternity, avoid inviting too many relatives or soon-to-be-relatives. At very least, be selective. Brother-in-laws are generally okay, but certainly think twice before inviting your future father-in-law. A sweaty Smurf vomiting into the gutter is not what anyone wants for a son-in-law.

The Venue

If making a complete fool of yourself is a distinct possibility, steer clear of your local pub at all costs. Head off to somewhere a little bit further afield, where no-one will remember you as the sad bloke who got cling filmed naked to a lamp post.

The Outfit

There's nothing like a fancy dress costume to get the stag party started. Apart from the obvious comedy value, a stag party costume offers your finance peace of mind. No woman with functioning eyeballs will try and get off with you.


Here are some of our favourite Stag Do costumes: