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 The kids are that little bit older now, here are some birthday party ideas and fancy dress inspiration for parties of this age range... 

The party years from 8-13 offer up yet another new treasure chest of fancy dress party possibilities. With Disney Princesses generally out of fashion by the time they hit eight, girls this age and upwards tend to like a cool teen dress up or realistic animal suit. And while the superhero suit will still cut it for the boys, Spiderman and Superman are slowly being replaced by the slightly more edgy superhero types, like Bat Man and Iron Man. 


By the age of eight, a lot of little boys will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars franchise, whether theyve experienced the original movies with grown ups who obsessed about them first time round, caught the controversial prequels of more recent years, or are part of the Lego Star Wars generation. A Darth Vader suit will be a winner at any Star Wars themed party. And if your birthday boy doesnt want to go full-dress up, he can stick to a mask and light saber. A light saber makes a pretty cool goody bag gift Glow stock a great selection - the more you order the less you'll pay. And aside from the more obvious paper napkins, plates and cups, there is loads of DIY Star Wars party stuff you can do at home, including making Wookie Cookies and Vaderade. 


TV shows like Monster High offer an ideal 8-13 fancy dress code. You get to wear loads of eyeliner for starters ( a dream come true for a lot of pre-teens). In fact anything spooky works a treat for a Halloween party or a birthday bash. Whether its a scary bat a spooky skeleton morphsuit or some expertly applied vampire make-up inspired by the Twilight films.


As the male obsession with weaponry continues, so does the popularity of an army themed party. This is an easy one. You can pick up a kids camouflage suit on Amazon for a tenner. Or if this feels a little too realistic, you can go traditional tin soldier or bright green toy soldier style with a cool suit and a splash of green face paint. Send out invites ‘Special Forces style, calling troops up for their important ‘birthday mission. For some amazing Army themed cakes and party bags click here.


The animal kingdom provides a whole worlds worth of kids party possibilities when it comes to dressing up. And the best thing about an animal theme is that you can take it as far as you feel like. Animal-loving extroverts will want to go all the way with a full body morphsuit while others will be happy to settle with a beastly mask or a splash of face paint and a decent pair of fangs.
Animals are a popular unisex party theme for this age group. Farm parties at real farms like Odds Farm Park in Buckinghamshire, Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire and Belmont Farm in North London have become increasingly popular. And theres always a trip to the zoo if the birthday boy or girl is keen to check out some more exotic breeds (avoid peak times like school holidays and bank holiday weekends if you want to avoid the really big crowds). Alternatively you can invite the animals round to your house. The amazingly knowledgeable Charles Mason can happily drop by with a pretty cool collection. An amazing experience but pretty pricey. Dress the kids up as animals as the next best thing. Some of our animal morphsuits are so realistic; you probably won't be able to tell the difference.