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Arranging a kids birthday party can be stressful so check out this party guide to help you get it right...


Between four and seven is when the real kid party fun starts to happen. By four most will have started at primary school, their brains rapidly filling up with loads and loads of exciting stuff and knowledge. They have lots to say and bucketfuls of energy but unlike a mischievous little toddler, most have passed the driving test for their bodies and can be controlled. Some of the time. It's between the ages of four and seven that kids also start to get ‘into things', whether it's preoccupation with dinosaurs, a keen interest in superheroes or an obsession with beautiful princesses. This makes planning a party for them a relative breeze. Identify the thing they love and then simply roll it all into one, giant cake-tastic birthday party extravaganza.


Most parents with a child in this age range will possess an encyclopedic knowledge of all the main superheroes and princesses. The majority will also be able to hum any animated kids film soundtrack off by heart (and recite The Gruffalo backwards). Finding costumes for kids is the next step to party success and an easy one. Most of the really popular princesses and superhero costumes can be found online. You can also score even more parenting brownie points by accessorising with the appropriate paper plates, cups, napkins etc. Party Pieces have a particularly impressive selection. If youre really good, they will also take care of your themed goody bags for you too. Also worth checking out for this is Kids Zone Party Shop.


Animals are a popular unisex party theme for this age group. Farm parties at real farms like Odds Farm Park in Buckinghamshire, Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire and Belmont Farm in North London have become increasingly popular. And theres always a trip to the zoo if the birthday boy or girl is keen to check out some more exotic breeds (avoid peak times like school holidays and bank holiday weekends if you want to avoid the really big crowds). Alternatively you can invite the animals round to your house. The amazingly knowledgeable Charles Mason can happily drop by with a pretty cool collection. An amazing experience but pretty pricey. Dress the kids up as animals as the next best thing. Some of our animal morphsuits are so realistic; you probably wont be able to tell the difference. 


For keen mini footballers, a football party is the ultimate way to celebrate a birthday. For the adult party planner, this can be as simple as a trip to the park en masse with a net and some footballs. Lots of sports centres and mini football academies like All Stars organise football activity parties for you (less work for Dad). 


Primary age children love painting things, building things and trashing things, which makes some kind of craft party a good party option. If you are brave, you can attempt to organize this at home, although wed recommend limiting numbers. Twenty-five children with armed with glue sticks could be disastrous. Kidzcraft stock a huge range of different crafty items from pottery painting and jewellery making to mask making and designing your own Frisbee. In case these all sound a bit girly, there are plenty of craft type activities you can organise for an all-boy bash too. Do you know any boy who wouldnt like to learn how to make fake snot Or create their own erupting geyser Check out Science Kidz for these cool science activity ideas (and more).


However hard you try to deter them. Little boys rather like weapons. Whether its Darth Vaders light saber, Thors hammer or Buzz Lightyears Laser Blaster While some parents try and stifle the urge with a universal weapon ban, others are resigned to it and watch nervously, hoping its just a ‘stage'. And some just shrug their shoulders and throw a laser quest party. Blissful for the Star Wars fan, the Avengers enthusiastic and the Star trek addict, laser quest parties allow groups of the little boys (and girls) the opportunity to run around in the dark with laser guns. Pretty cool.