Top 10 Piggyback Costumes!

Piggyback costumes are all the rage right now and the only costume you need for this year’s festivities. Easy to wear, comfortable, and friggin’ awesome – the Piggy back costume is the one to beat!

Because there are so many awesome piggyback costumes around right now, we thought we’d make it easy for you and compile the best into this Top 10 list – ain’t we nice?! In no particular order…

1: Bearded Bavarian Piggyback Costume 

Bearded Bavarian Piggyback Costume

A costume perfect for Oktoberfest, our Bearded Bavarian Carry Me Costume is one for the ages! It’s just asking for nonsense and to be your funny costume for the season.

2: The Plumber Piggyback Costumes 

Green & Red Plumber Piggyback Costume

Okay we’re combining these two into one on the list because you can’t separate these guys. You can’t have Mario without Luigi right? These costumes aren’t them though… Our Red Plumber Piggyback Costume and our Green Plumber Piggyback Costume are awesome for E3 or even ComicCon.

3: Kids T-Rex Piggyback Costume

We can’t leave the kids out of all the piggyback costume fun! Our Kids T-Rex Piggyback Costume is a whole lot of fun, a brilliant choice for birthday parties, Jurassic Park watch-alongs, and even an awesome kids Halloween costume!

4: Jester Piggyback Costume 

Piggyback costumes turn creepy! The Jester Piggyback Costume is just asking to cause mischief come Halloween, and this really is one of our best Halloween costumes. Get this costume and have all eyes on you!

5: Red Power Ranger Piggyback Costume 

The classic 90s costume has been officially revamped! Our range of Power Rangers Costumes is pretty extensive but made even better by our Power Ranger ride on costumes! We have Red, Blue, Black, Pink and Yellow so there’s one for all the family!

6: The Political Piggyback Costumes 

Political Piggyback Costumes

We’re breaking the rules again but they’re made to be broken right?! These three certainly know all about that! Putin, Trump and Kim – the dream team or is it more of a nightmare team? Either way, grab three mates and garner a whole lot of attention! Choose the Presidential Piggyback Costume, Comrade Carry Me Costume, or Esteemed Leader Ride On Costume and you’ll have a match made in some messed-up heaven.

7: Kids Skeleton Piggyback Costume 

Kids ride on costumes have also ventured into the creepy realm. Our Kids Skeleton Piggyback Costume will be an instant hit on the Trick or Treating circuit and your mates will have their minds BLOWN!

Kids Piggyback Costumes

8: Kids Alien Piggyback Costume 

Aliens are cool. That’s the long and short of it all. What’s especially cool is our Kids Alien Piggyback Costume, which would be awesome for going to science fairs or to wear out Trick or Treating. This kids ride on costume is definitely one to phone home about!

9: American Footballer Piggyback Costume 

American Footballer Piggyback Costume

HUT, HUT, HIKE! Our American Footballer Piggyback Costume is just begging to be worn to the next Super Bowl party you hold. Come on, you’d be silly not to!

10: Snowman Piggyback Costume 


Christmas costumes are great and all but they usually aren’t this cool! This Snowman Piggyback Costume is revolutionising the classic and you should probably get yours before its too late.

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