We finally have some more of our Piggyback Costumes in stock! The response online for these costumes has been pretty astonishing, you mad people love them! These are some of our favourite Carry Me costumes that we carry!

German Beer Wench piggyback costume

Oktoberfest is the second best holiday throughout October, next to Halloween of course. This year you really should do it in style by buying our German Beer Wench Piggyback Costume! It’s one of our best selling carry me costumes so if you want one, get in quick!

American Footballer piggyback costume

american footballer

This costume isn’t just for watching football but it’s perfect for all occasions! Halloween, birthday parties, stag-dos and of course, that event in early Spring where two teams go head to head. Buy yours now!

Alien piggyback costume


We don’t know if they all come in peace, but this one certainly does! Only the nicest aliens give piggy backs and that’s a simple fact. This carry me costume is set to be one of our top Halloween products so if you want one, order soon!

Jester piggyback costume


There’s nothing creepier than clowns at Halloween, especially when they’ve taken you hostage on their back… The Jester Piggyback is a carry me costume for those who love both the creep and the camp of Halloween – combining horror and humour has always been our strongpoint.

Wrestler Piggyback costume

No one was hurt in the making of this production, these are two experienced wrestlers with minutes and minutes of training. You can buy your Piggyback Wrestler now from the carry me section of our website!

Kids piggyback costumes

We don’t just leave the nonsense to the adults, the kids are some of the best at it! It would be wrong to leave them out. We have some really good carry me costumes for kids in stock too – Alien, T-Rex and Skeleton. Get one before they sell out!

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