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Over the past few weeks, the amount of Marvel news has made our little geeky hearts grow 3 sizes. From casting announcements, to trailers, to seeing (most of) the Infinity War cast take up the whole stage of ComicCon’s famous Hall H, it’s hard for any comic movie fan to stay sane. Check out the ones that got us the most excited!

Infinity War
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If only Kevin Feige would just release that DARNED trailer! We can only watch people who actually saw it at D23 or ComicCon relay it on camera so many times. For now, we’ll just think about how Steve Rogers will react to Groot, wondering if Thor knows about Peter’s mocking in Homecoming & imagining the wise-crack-a-thon between Rocket and Tony… Also, if we could have the ComicCon poster plastered on the inside of our eyelids then we could finally live happily. From bearded Cap to the Iron Spider suit and Teenage Groot which looks like a renaissance painting? Yep, definitely plaster-behind-the-eyeballs type of stuff. Get excited for the Infinity War in one of our Marvel Morphsuits! We have Captain America Morphsuits, Iron Man Morphsuits, Spider-Man Morphsuits and so many more!

Thor: Ragnarok
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Both the trailer and the poster for Thor: Ragnarok might be the most fun thing that came from this year’s ComicCon. Couldn’t really say that about Malekith the Accursed could you? This film just looks awesome. Director Taika Waititi wanted his cast to improvise a lot so it seems that Ragnarok might rival Guardians of the Galaxy for laughs. Chris Hemsworth is an incredibly funny guy… Or so we hear.
But one especially interesting thing about this trailer is that firstly, the HULK CAN TALK! In sentences! But as Mark Ruffalo mentioned at SDCC, Banner has been in Hulk-mode for two years, which is how long it’s been since Age of Ultron in the MCU. The timeline is ultimately the most confusing thing about the MCU.

Deadpool SEQUAL

cable and domino
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Domino! Cable! Blind Al! Wade! Even just seeing these names gets us all excited, so you can imagine our reaction to Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram. We have gotten a glimpse of the pesky 6’8″ time traveller, Cable, and his incredibly lucky second-in-command, Domino. Josh Brolin’s Cable looks pretty menacing and seems to be staying true to the half bionic man in the comics. Domino will be played by Zazie Beetz who’ll sport a suave leather vest and pants combo, fit with ‘fro and badassary. The photo of Domino lying a DP rug is a perfect throwback to the first promo shot for Deadpool too. Fun Fact: when our Deadpool Morphsuit is laid out flat, it looks like this promo-shot. Recreate it yourself now!

Black Panther

Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER
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We’ve been waiting for this film for what feels like decades, and considering how messed up the MCU timeline is, we might have been. Thanks to ComicCon news, it seems like Black Panther will be a Bond-esque spy film with some real genre-defying elements which will take off right after Civil War. It seems to be a Marvel film which is rooted in culture which will be pretty cool to see. With some really awesome action scenes in the trailer from Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Chadwick Boseman (obviously) and Michael B. Jordan plus some really interesting weapons created by Letitia Wright’s character, this film is going to awesome!

Ant-Man & The Wasp

CASTING NEWS! While we know that the Ant-Man sequel is now in production, a bunch of casting news was announced. The most exciting news is that Janet van Dyne who will be played by no other than Michelle Pfeiffer. Catwoman is the Wasp now! It’s possible that Evangeline Lilly was more excited than anyone else that Pfeiffer is her ‘new mom’. Other casting news included Hannah John-Kamen as possibly-villainous Ghost, Walton Goggins as Sonny Burch, and Laurence Fishbone as fellow hero Dr. Bill Foster/Goliath. You can even grab our Ant-Man Morphsuit now!

Captain Marvel

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We didn’t get to see an awful lot about Captain Marvel as they haven’t started filming it yet. We did get to see some concept art and it looks INSANE. If the concept art is anything to go by, Carol Danvers’ costume is incredibly close to her comic costume and while she may not have that slick faux-hawk from the comics, we’ll forgive that for now. She’ll probably be in another film where she can get the faux-hawk. Plus, it’ll take place in the 90s against the shapeshifting Skrulls and that Nick Fury will feature in this film with BOTH EYES. The Captain Marvel movie better be great, otherwise feet will be stamped and broken 90s nostalgia dreams smeared all over the floor.

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