Our 5 favourite kids’ costumes for Halloween 2022

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween again? It seems like only a moment ago that all the kids were going door-to-door in fantastic costumes, before heading home to eat their own bodyweight in Halloween candy.

Well, all the kids are about to do it all over again, so if your precious bundles of joy don’t have their costumes sorted yet, here’s our personal top 5 favourites on offer this year.

5. The Evil Pumpkin Monster

What would Halloween be without pumpkins? They may be more synonymous with the US, but the UK’s love of this oddly-shaped and strange-tasting fruit (yes, it’s a fruit – we checked) is increasing.

Well, we’ve decided that spooky carved pumpkins in the window simply aren’t enough. Why show off scary pumpkins when you can be one yourself?

This kids’ costume is equal parts creepy and cool and will definitely see your child stand out from the crowd in spooktacular fashion (we promise that’s the only time we’ll use that pun in this blog post).

If you love the look of this, well go buy one right here!

4. Inflatable T-Rex Skeleton

We mean come on, just look at how freaking awesome this is! We know we shouldn’t brag about stuff we made, but honestly the kids’ giant inflatable skeleton t-rex costume cracks us up every time.

We know being an undead skeleton dinosaur might not be the first costume that springs to mind when getting ready for Halloween, but there really is no better costume for getting loads of attention and bucketloads of laughs.

The added bonus is of course that every kid already loves dinosaurs anyway, rawr!

Make no bones about it, you can buy this one right here!

3. Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Admittedly, we’re showing our age a bit when the first thing we think of when we see this costume is Oingo Boingo, but that doesn’t make this kids’ costume any less awesome!

Skeleton costumes are cool and all, but when they glow in the dark too then you’re onto a sure-fire winner.

Simply pop this one in direct sunlight (or under a bright light) for a couple of hours and then it’s good to go!

We know you love it, glow buy one right here!

2. Zalgo Morphsuit

Imagine we had a top 5 Halloween costumes list that didn’t have any Morphsuits on it, do you think we’re mental!?

Morphsuits will always be the absolute standout attention-grabber at any fancy-dress event, so the kids’ super creepy Zalgo Morphsuit is perfect for Halloween!

Don’t know who Zalgo is? Well, we’ll tell you (quickly). Zalgo is a super creepy demonic entity and a bit of an online urban legend. Part of a collection of stories known as “creepypasta”, Zalgo is perhaps the most messed up, scary monster anyone could possibly think of (it’s like H.P Lovecraft came up with him after downing 3 double espressos!”

Go weird, go Zalgo, go here!

1. Three Headed Inflatable Demon Dog

That’s right, our favourite kids’ Halloween costume for 2022 is none other than the bloody brilliant three headed demon dog, aka Cerberus: guardian of the Underworld!

Lifted right out of Greek mythology, this kids’ costume uses an optical illusion to make your child look as though they have tamed the demon beast and are riding him around the neighbourhood in search of Halloween candy.

This awesome kids’ inflatable costume comes with a battery-operated fan to keep it looking awesome for hours on end!

Don’t hang around dawg, pick one of these up right here!


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