12 Things only people who have worn a Morphsuit will know

The first question you ask yourself is, shall I wear underwear?

That feeling you get of being terrified that you feel practically naked yet super happy you are anonymous.

You’ll be slightly worried that you’re not buff enough, but think to yourself screw it….

At first you think getting into a morphsuit will be like this:

But it’s actually like this:

and it makes you feels like your being hugged by a really caring minion

As Flanders says “it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!”

When drinking through morphsuit, one thought goes through your mind

Going to the toilet on the other hand…

At a party everyone will be like ‘oh hey, who are you?’

And then you’ll all be like this:

Cos morphsuits are awesome:

If you haven’t experienced any of these things, then what have you been playing at? Head over to Morphcostumes where you can find our full range, meaning you to can experience the wonderful sensation of wearing a morphsuit.

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