What did they wear in the Sixties?

One of the most defining decades in modern history, the 1960s is one of the most loved and admired times. A 1960s party would definitely be a groovy night to remember. The best music, inspiring trendsetters, and political movements happened in the 1960s. There are also many iconic movies of today are based on the period and can help get you and your guests inspired for exactly the right costume!

What was a Hippie?

Around the mid-1960s and an emotional time for many youths, the Vietnam war caused a stir among the culture and gave birth to the Hippie (or hippy) movement in the United States, which quickly spread across the world. The movement rejected the war and all violence, promoting love, peace, and equality.

What did Hippies wear?

What better way to spread love than with bright colours and flowing long hair? Flower power! Both as patterns on their clothes as real ones in their hair. Pop art, short hemlines, and strong patterns that stood out vs the grey suits of the establishment were core parts of the Hippie look.

Some good ideas for Hippie Costumes and Hippie Fancy Dress are a
Womens 60s Singer Costume
, some Mens 60s Psychedelic Flares or a classic Womens Hippie Costume.

What is a Mod?

Similar to the Hippies that were seen much more often in North America, Mods were a young generation of culture setters who dressed in stylish outfits and listened to the best soul music. They were notorious for being drug users and causing a stir in their gangs on the streets of London. One thing we do know, they knew how to have a good time.

What did Mods wear?

Mods would make an excellent 1960s costume. Simple outfits showing the union jack flag were very popular, and women knew how to make a stand while still showing off their feminine side.

Men “modernists” kept it classic with jacket suits often adorning the Union Jack to show pride in their country.


60s Rock Star Costume
60s Rock Star Costume
60s Mod Union Jack Dress
60s Mod Union Jack Dress
60s Gigolo Costume
60s Gigolo Costume


Ideas for 1960s Costumes

Austin Powers is an excellent example of a fictional 1960s icon that everyone at the party will recognize. He had style, a good bit of class (sort of) and definitely knew how to make an entrance.

Another great idea is to dress as one of your favourite 1960s musicians, in a Jimi Hendrix costume for example. For Women there is nothing as quintessentially sixties as the Cubist Dress worn by the likes of Twiggy.

There are so many amazingly stylish outfits you can plan that are based around the 1960s – just keep it bright and patterned! And remember, the 60s were all about sharing – sharing a laugh, a hug, or whatever else you can think of.

Do you still need a little helping finding the best costume? Check out our full range of 1960s Costumes here.

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