What did they wear in the 80s?

Advancements in technology rippled across the world during the 1980s, creating an intense market for the imagination both in science and in pop culture. Science fiction was beginning to become a thing of reality and Star Wars and Star Trek began their never ending tryst. There is no decade like the 80s for culture – it would take more than one blog post to describe every inch of what made pop culture in the 80s so magnificent.

What they wore in the 80s has begun to come back in style today, but it will never be the same as when it was fresh in the decade that made it.

What is an 80s Look?

The 80s look was all about standing out and fitting in. There were many who wouldn’t have approved of your Storm Trooper obsession, but you’d have found a group that welcomed it – and would play Dungeons and Dragons all night in their parents’ basement. Neon colours, tight leggings, and layers were all popular during the 80s. If you could add a little touch of Madonna or AC/DC into your look, you were winning.

80s Fitness Instructor Costume
80s Fitness Instructor Costume
Rock Legend Costume
Rock Legend Costume
80s Pop Star Costume
80s Pop Star Costume

What did Men wear in the 80s?

Fashion for men in the 80s was very close to what men of the 21st century call “comfy-casual.” When it came to style, the 80s was a decade of rock, electronic, and pop – and many men aimed to wear clothes inspired by their music. Even if it was just a concert t-shirt. Men’s hair was longer and more laid back, however many men began to cut their hair short and use hair gel to get their most desired “big hair” effect.

Women’s 80s Costumes ideas

Women loved their music too and often tried to mimic their favourite artists. Madonna, Blondie, and Pat Benetar were at the height of popularity. Women often dressed in “chick” style, which was bright coloured leggings, costume jewelry, big hair, and lots of makeup. They often topped it off with a pair of stiletto high heels.

Jane Fonda, whether ladies were active or not, is also an attractive costume from the 80s. Workout clothes, such as shell suit outfits in bright colours filled the workout classes and the streets. Men also weren’t shy about rocking a fitness leotard outfit!

Men’s 80s Film costume ideas

Movies on VHS were a popular part of the weekend for all citizens of the 80s. There are very few movies that compare to the classics of the 80s. A costume from the original Star Wars series would definitely get you a few appreciative nods at your 80s inspired party.

Another great costume idea for men would be George Lucas’ other popular franchise that gave birth in the 80s; Indiana Jones. He had the best adventures and so can you.

And, of course, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, full of the best music of the time, was another classic of the time that paved the way to a bright future for similar movies and the actor himself.

80s Popstar Costume ideas

Ah, music of the 80s. Another that few other generations can compete with. In the 80s, music became a real part of almost everyone’s lives. The Glam Rock era was just ending so you could go for that with a Glam Rocker 80s costume or even an Adam Ant Costume. Stadium Rock was at its peak with Queen so a Freddie Mercury costume is potentially the epitome of the 80s. Although the New Romatics led by Boy George would probably argue that point. On the women’s side, the icon of the 80s is surely the Material Girl herself so go for a Madonna Costume.

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