Winner of Ugliest Christmas Jumper Goes To…

Over the past few years, ugly Christmas jumpers have become a thing. Well, it was when they became cool. You’ll have seen grannies and great-aunts wearing awful jumpers and vests and whatever else they can wear so that they look as festive as they feel.

It somehow changed from an embarrassing family tradition to a December staple. If you’re wearing it ironically or not, the louder the better! And we have just the thing that’ll elevate your Ugly Christmas Jumper to the next level – incorporating your phone.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters have always been a thing in the US. It just so happens that now in the UK, festive jumpers are so unfashionable that they’re fashionable. They’re in stores such Urban Outfitters and Topshop, appealing to the hipsters of today’s youth but also to mums and grannies – you cannot walk into an Asda without seeing a whole wall dedicated to the gaudy knitwear. Vintage second-hand shops are celebrating as all the true hipsters and festive fanatics are scouring their rails.

This year, we’ve seen a two person jumper so what is basically two jumpers sewn together with an armhole taken out. We’ve seen an interactive Beer Pong jumper that’s in the shape of a Christmas tree, and we’ve seen multiple featuring Jesus celebrating his birthday in all sorts of boisterous ways… It’s transitioned to a whole new level.



The whole thing is pretty simple. You buy the jumper you fancy (checking the phone measurement size from the website) and download the Morph DigitalDudz app. When you’re in the app, click on the Ugly Christmas Jumper section and once you find the animation you’re looking for, just click the “Play Animation” button and you’re golden! Slip it in the special phone pocket and you’re good to go. 



Crackling Fireplace 

It’s gaudy, it’s festive, you have the excuse to sing The Christmas Song as loudly as you can – you are the open fire the chestnuts are roasting on after all.  What’s not to love!

Stuck Santa

Poor Santa needs to lay off the mince pies again… Or just stop going down chimneys and just break in. Breaking and entering isn’t a crime when it comes to presents, right?

Rudolph Moving Eyes

What embodies the festive season more than Rudolph? Well apart from Santa… Either way, this is a great jumper! Perfect for anyone in the family!

A Gingerbread Snack

If you love Halloween just as much as Christmas, this is the jumper for you. See a poor Gingerbread Man get his head munched when you wear this awesome jumper.

Mooning Santa

Naughty Santa! This is the ideal jumper for that family member who likes a laugh and jokey things – there’s no better joke than a unsuspecting mooning. Very funny on a jumper too!



Miley Cyrus

The ex-Disney, Wrecking Ball star wore our Knitted Crackling Fire sweater a few years ago, and she looked amazing! She actually stole it from someone who was interviewing her… Miley was definitely on the naughty list that year!

Image Source

Michael Bublé

The internet believes that Michael Bublé is trapped in a cave until December rolls around – then and only then is he allowed to be set free and sing Santa Claus is Coming To Town to us all until we want to bang our heads against the wall. But last year, he wore one of our Christmas jumpers! Bublé has taste!



Kate McKinnon in Office Christmas Party

This movie doesn’t come out until early December but in the trailers, Ghostbuster Kate McKinnon wears possibly the most vile festive jumper ever worn in the history of mankind – let’s be honest, would we expect anything else from a Kate McKinnon character? Some of the things on this busy knit include a Menorah, one of the Wise Men, and what we think is a blue Thanksgiving turkey…

kate vanity fair
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Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary

The first time the audience meets Bridget’s Mr Darcy he’s wearing a roll-neck jumper with a huge reindeer on it. If you ask us, that’s the best first impression one could make… If you discount what he said about her. That was just rude.  

matk darcy
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Weasley Jumpers

We’ve been asking for a Weasley jumper every Christmas since 1997, when the first mention of a Weasley jumper was ever uttered. An item of clothing so lovingly knitted by the famous Molly Weasley? Sign us up to Dumbledore’s Army! As Ron’s is nearly always maroon, we wonder what colour our jumper would be…  

pinterest Weasley jumper
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Wade and Vanessa in Deadpool

In the 2016 movie, Wade proposes to Vanessa right before he discovers that he has an aggressive cancer infecting his entire body. Merry Christmas Wade Wilson! Anyway, during this scene they’re wearing incredibly nasty festive sweaters but somehow both look insanely good in them. We don’t know how.

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