The Comic Con Survival Guide

Calling all our fellow nerds and geeks! MCM Comic Con is right around the corner and it’s every fan girl and boy’s dream place, filled with epic merchandise, cool cosplay and like-minded folk getting their nerd on. Ahh, what a place! The Con is one of the most fun experiences EVER, but only if you rock up fully prepared. So if you’re a newbie, be sure to check out our survival guide below:

1.   Lines, lines and more lines

There’s no fast pass here guys, you’re gonna have to embrace those looong lines. Familiar with the phrase ‘If you can’t beat ‘em ‘? Best join ‘em in this case. Believe it or not sometimes the queues can be as fun as the Con itself. Fraternise with fellow die-hard fans and take a bunch of photos with people in seriously cool costumes to help pass the time (some queues can last over 5 hours so you may as well make the most of it).

2.   Dress for comfort

Comic Con attendees, we cannot stress this enough. This is an event that involves a lot of standing. And walking. A LOT of walking. If you’re cosplaying, then you’re no doubt already anticipating a certain degree of discomfort whilst you’re there. But if you’re sticking with civvies, comfy shoes are a must as is a handy hoodie in case it gets chilly. The more comfortable you feel, the longer you’ll stay and the more fun you’ll have.

3.   Get yourself a backpack

And stock it with food, water, money, phones, cameras and anything else you can think of that you’ll need. That includes…

4.   Portable chargers

This is probably the most sensible thing you can buy in preparation for Comic Con (again, speaking from experience). You don’t want to waste precious time hunting for a place to plug in your charger. And you certainly don’t want to sit for an hour watching it charge. As we mentioned earlier, the queues can be a couple of hours long so you’ll need a phone that’s going to go the distance.

5.   No touchy

There’s a hell of a lot of awesome cosplay at the Con, and loads of people will be dressed up as some of your favourite characters from a movie/TV show. But for crying out loud and whatever you do, don’t start fan girling/fan boying and taking selfies without asking permission. There’s a fairly massive chance they’re not going to appreciate your intrusive adoration.

6.   Non hard-core fans, beware

If you’re a medium level fan, we’d definitely recommend waiting a couple of hours before you head over to Comic Con. There will be loads – we repeat, LOADS – of superfans queuing up reading to knock down the door at opening time. The crazy rush tends to die down after an hour or two.

And that’s pretty much it! Follow these simple rules and you should have the most epic time at MCM Comic Con. If you and your mates are thinking of going in costume, then have a browse through our website – we’ve got LOADS of costumes that’ll make sure you stand out.

See you at the Con!

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