Piggyback Costumes

Piggyback costumes are some of the best new Halloween costumes for 2016. They’re easy, they’re fun, and you don’t have to worry about them too much! The costume does it all for you. We have some really cool Piggyback and carry-me costumes right now so here are some ideas for places to wear our full range of carry-me costumes!



These costumes are hilarious, that’s just a fact. They look great and we have carry-me costumes for almost all big, and often boozy, occasions. They look great especially when there is a slightly tipsy person wearing it. When someone stumbles with their tiddly legs, it just makes the illusion even better! Speaking of the illusion, it’s really easy to achieve! Just take some newspaper or bubble-wrap to stuff the fake legs, it can take quite a bit of these materials to stuff the legs but it doesn’t take a long time to do. Another good thing to use for the stuffing is t-shirts and jumpers – perfect if you find yourself getting a tad chilly but don’t mind having one leg looking a little flat!

This is the perfect stag-do costume! Stags are known for their crazy antics and boy, does this girl love antics! You could either get the groom to wear this costume while the rest of the party wear one of our other ride-on costumes. However, we think that a group of say 12 or 13 guys dressed fully in these bad boys, or girls even, would make a brilliant stag costume!

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Now, we love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a chance to celebrate the Irish nation and it’s traditions (read: drinking responsibly). Of course, it’s one of the prime excuses for wearing a costume! Perfect for St. Patrick’s celebrations, a stag-do costume, or for any Irish sporting event; gaelic, rugby, even if you’re supporting Rory McIlroy in his next tournament. If you do pick this costume, expect many heads to turn your way when you enter the party. You’ll be the centre of attention!

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Oktoberfest is part of the reason why we love the month of October so very much, alongside our greatest love, Halloween. Beer and costumes and beautiful people handing us beer in costume? It’s like Christmas in October! Join in the beer fuelled fun with this brilliant Beer Wench ride-on costume! It’s fun, it’s funny and looks brilliant even with the beer goggles on! Although it looks like she’s going to carry you home, you’ll definitely have to walk… sorry about that.

beer wench
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These carry-me costumes are ideal for genuinely all occasions, with perhaps a little accessorization. Image wearing our brilliant Teddy ride-on costume with the Teddy wearing a little Santa hat, or the Frog wearing an Iron Man mask while you’re in an Iron Man Morphsuit. Does it make a lot of sense? Not at all but it’s fun! These two costumes particularly are brilliant because they’re so open for interpretation, for example you can wear one of our DigitalDudz masks and t-shirts when you’re wearing this costume on your lower half. There is a chance it’ll look a tad strange but that’s the purpose of this costume! Perfect for birthday parties, sporting events, and Halloween too.



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Now for the best ones – the Halloween Piggybacks! These ones are where you can do a sort of double dress-up. One monster on top and one monster carrying them. Sounds like a Halloween Inception nightmare which we really want to be a part of! We carry (heh) two of Halloween ride-on costumes: a skeleton and an evil jester. For the skeleton carry-me we would suggest painting yourself into either a skeleton brother or sister, or as a zombie. Basically we would combine the classic Halloween costumes with the Skeleton costume. It’ll look absolutely amazing!


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For the Jester carry-me costume, we would recommend dressing as if you’ve been a victim of Jigsaw the puppet. Gore makeup and costumes are so much fun and very easy to do – just get some black, red, brown and white face paint along with some fake blood, preferably different kinds (e.g. runny red blood, clotted maroon blood etc). Splatter that all over your body and your face, add in some scars and wounds (which you can find tutorials on YouTube to show you show to do this), and boom! Amazing, original Halloween costume made oh so very easy!


After this, we dare you to tell us that piggyback costumes aren’t brilliant! They’re original, they’re unique, and they are the perfect primer for an amazing costume, but they can also be the coolest simplest costume too.



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