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Organising a hen party can be a scary ordeal but sometimes that’s just the point. In fact, some of the best hen party activities have a spooky theme to them so with Halloween about to come scratching at the door, the hen party experts at GoHen.com shone a trembling torch on some Halloween hen party experiences.



Hen Parties Most Haunted

If you’re addicted to those spooky TV shows, you can now join real life ghost hunters and stars of TV’s Most Haunted and stay in one of the UK’s most haunted houses. Using paranormal measuring devices, you’ll search for signs of life from beyond the grave.

Terror Rating – Scarier than bumping into your ex and his new fling when you just popped out in your sofa pants and not wearing any makeup.

ghost tour

We Double Dare You…

These can be a great way to get any hen night off to a hilarious start. The shock factor here is mostly in the embarrassment to be had. You can buy cards online but it’s much more fun to make up your own dares which can be tailored to suit your croup of hens.

Terror Rating – Not likely to keep you up at night but will certainly have you cringing inside.


Fancy Pants

Ok, yes, we are a little bit biased but no hen party is complete without some fancy dress and if you’re planning on a Halloween hen you can’t do it without costumes (if that isn’t actually a law then it should be!). We have some seriously sexy Halloween hen outfits for you to bewitch people with. See our Halloween hen costumes…

Terror Rating – “Arrrgghhh!” The party is only a week away and I still haven’t sorted my costume. Never fear, we have just the thing.



This is all about the laughs. GoHen’s dungeon tours come with interactive comedy guides who will tell tales of horrible history and put the bride-to-be on trial… Could it turn out she’s a witch or just a fab friend who happens to have found some ruby slippers?

Terror Rating – If you end up doing any shrieking here it will be laughter rather than fear.


Kick Zombie Butt!

If your perfect night in involves a bottle of wine, a bowl of popcorn and box set of The Walking Dead then you can now learn how to channel your inner ‘Michonne’ and learn how to deal with those brain munchers at a live action boot camp where horrifically made up actors play the parts of the undead.

 zombie experience?

Terror Rating – This one really will get those hearts pumping and at times is terrifying but brilliant fun for adventure loving hens.


Bloody Murder!

Don’t you just hate it when you sit down to a lovely dinner and one of the guests goes and gets themselves murdered? It can play with the desert course, especially if you’ve already put the soufflé in the oven. The good bit is you get to play detective, crack the case and uncover the murderer, assisted by a team of comedy characters. A really fun and unusual way to spend the hen night.

murder mystery

Terror Rating – Not quite as scary as a dressing down from Gordon bleeping Ramsey.


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