A Skilled T-Rex, a Mad Tiger and Mad Dancers – it’s BWB!

Welcome to the MorphCostumes Biweekly Bonanza! A biweekly guide to some of the best videos in costumes! This week we have a prehistoric beer pong artist, a fierce tiger chasing it’s prey, and an awesome costumed dance routine by Loyalty Dance. Enjoy!

Pre-Historic Beer Pong

When your T-Rex mate lands the shot…

We’re running out of our Inflatable T-Rex costume, and we’re running out fast, so get yours here now!


The Tiger Chases It’s Prey… 

Check out this lunatic! We can hear Sir Attenborough now…

Check out our brilliant Tiger Morphsuit here!


Now, Why So Serious?

Check out this (literally) insane dance by the guys at Loyalty Dance Team! They’re incredible and we may have something up our sleeves for the future…

Acquaint yourselves with them here.



MorphCostumes present to you, our BiWeekly Bonanza! Every two weeks, we will send you some of the best videos/ideas/pictures in costumes. With cool people doing cool stuff in cool costumes every day, you’ll get awesome content every two weeks!

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