Stag Party Costume Ideas

Stag Party Costume Ideas

Whether you call it a Stag, Bachelors or Bucks the principle is the same; one man's best mates spend a weekend taking him down to Chinatown, all the way down. For such splendid occasions alcohol is important but costumes are more important because never again will you be able to dress the man of the hour in something he really doesn't want to wear.

Statistically 57% of stags will be dressed as a woman. We are very supportive of this as it should be the costumes equivalent to hell for him, and this is it for many men. However, we think that some of the best stag costume ideas are when the stag is dressed as one character and then all the other members of the stag are dressed as a co-ordinating alternative character. Gru and the Minions and Snow White and the 7 Dwarves being our particular favourites!

  • Wunderbar Lederhosen

    Wunderbar Lederhosen

  • White Morph Bride & Tuxedos

    White Morph Bride & Tuxedos

  • Purple Power Morph

    Purple Power Morph

  • Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

    Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

  • Superhero Stag Do

    Superhero Stag Do

  • Heroes In A Half Shell

    Heroes In A Half Shell

  • Check Mates

    Check Mates

  • Morph Power

    Morph Power

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