Werewolf Costumes

Werewolves, like the vampire, have become one of the quintessential horror movie monsters and we wouldn't have it any other way. Dogs are bundles of fun but a werewolf? Furry but with none of man's-best-friend qualities? No thank you. A werewolf costume lends itself to many different costumes: add a letterman jacket and you're Michael Jackson from the beginning of the Thriller video, wear a nightgown and you're Red Riding Hood's imposter Granny, or pop on a lacrosse or basketball uniform and you're the perfect Teen Wolf. This last one is our favourite, we won't lie. Scroll down below to howl at the moon, embrace your canine side and find your werewolf costume.
  • Deluxe Wolverine Morphsuit

    Deluxe Wolverine Morphsuit

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