Celebrity Halloween Costume Inspiration

The celebrity world is full of glitz and glamour, so why not take on some of that splendidness by dressing up as your favourite, iconic famous face? 

The possibilities are endless, but since it’s Halloween it seems fitting to dress up as a celebrity who is no longer with us. Think Elvis, James Dean orMarilyn Monroe. Try on the Hollywood Movie Star costume for size and spend the night just being dramatic.

Popular living, celebrity Halloween costumes now include a racy tribute to Miley Cyrus, an 80s themed Madonna outfit or donning a pirate hat and goatee and going all out as Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp.

When it comes to celebrity costumes you could go one step further and become a star dressed up as their most iconic film character. The Wolverine Morphsuit is perfect for those Hugh Jackman fans out there and the Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Red Queen costume for Helena Bonham Carter lovers.

If you’re feeling brave why not embrace one of the many personas of Sacha Baron Cohen and pop on the Borat Lycra Mankini Costume. We take no responsibility for your disturbed party guests.

Take inspiration from the celebrities themselves, Heidi Klum is a well-known genius when it comes to creating an amazing costume and throwing an extraordinary Halloween party. She always dresses as something unusual, such as an old woman, created using film worthy special effect make up and the biblical Adam and Eve story, which consisted of a giant apple costume featuring a giant handmade snake.
Kim Kardashian is another celebrity always up for fancy dress and you will usually find her donning a sexy Wonder Woman or Poison Ivy costume. We think that this Halloween she should slip on a Morphsuit, our Pink Power Ranger design would be perfect!

Cartoons are technically celebrities right? Homer Simpson, Fred Flinstone, Mr. Incredible, Daphne from Scooby Doo; you can find all these character’s costumes on the site, ready to be worn to impress your guests on Halloween night. Don’t forget to bring along a friend dressed up as your character’s companion, or bring along a soft toy version. Think Scooby Doo for Daphne, Santa’s Little Helper or another member of the Simpsons family for Homer or baby Jack Jack for Mr. Incredible.

So now all that’s left to do is get glammed up, prepare your award acceptance speech for best celebrity inspired costume ever and pull out the red carpet for a superstar evening.


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