4 Ride On Costumes You Need To Wear

You may have seen our Piggyback costumes around on social media however you may not have realised that they’re a part of the Morphsuits umbrella. We’re more than just spandex, y’know! Our Piggyback Ride-On Costumes are some of our Facebook fans’ favourites, with videos featuring these bad boys reaching almost 8 million people proving that.

Check out some of our favourite ride on costumes that we have in our wheelhouse that you definitely need to add to your costume wardrobe.

German Beer Wench Piggyback Costume

The perfect Piggy back costume for Oktoberfest! Our German Beer Wench Piggyback costume is a must-have for any beer fan as the illusion can often tickle a stranger’s funny bone so much that they buy you a free beer. Win, win.

Stripper Piggyback costume

For the person that is proud of their curves and wants to flaunt ‘em! Our Stripper Piggyback Costume is guaranteed to make an awesome night even better, it’s impossible not to have a laugh in this foxy ride-on costume. This makes for the perfect group costume and its one stag-do idea you cannot pass up on.

Plumber Piggyback Costume

A totally original costume, not a familiar concept at all… the Mario-*cough*-Red Plumber Piggyback Costume is a great choice for an 80s or 90s themed party, but it also pairs pretty well with our Luig-erm Green Plumber Piggyback Costume. These are two ride on costumes that’ll have you feeling like you won the Mario Kart tournament after annihilating your companions.
TL;DR: our Green and Red Plumber Piggyback Costumes will have you feeling epic!

Power Ranger Piggyback Costume

Another awesome choice for a 90s costume! The original costume from the 90s TV show has been a best selling Morphsuit for over 5 years now so when our Carry Me costumes took off, we saw the opportunity to bring out even more awesome Power Rangers costumes. The Power Ranger ride-on costume is a brilliant group costume so you need to buy quick – Rita Repulsa must be stopped!

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