Nintendo / Mario Kart Costumes

You know that feeling when you're coming last in Mario Kart, and you score a lightning bolt and just reign supreme for those glorious few moments? Or when you FINALLY beat a level in Donkey Kong Country that you've spent days on? Well that's the feeling you'll get in one of our Nintendo Costumes! Team up as Mario and Luigi, transform in the beast that is Bowser, or keep it regal as Princess Peach. You can even become the beloved Yoshi, dominate as DK or save Princess Zelda as Link! And while we do have the classic Mario and Luigi costumes, we've also got a couple of different ones for those adventurous types... those Rainbow Road types, if you will. Our Giant Inflatable Mario and Luigi Megamorph Costumes will have you feeling like the jolliest duo in Mushroom Kingdom. You can even get a piggyback in our Mario and Luigi Piggyback Costumes. So, get your Nintendo Costume and let's-a go!

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