Adult 70s Fancy Dress Costumes

The seventies was a decade of discos, divas and bell-bottoms. Not to mention the sideburns, Sonny & Cher, and Saturday Night Fever. For all those lovers of this decades we have some pretty cool 1970s fancy dress costumes. Not only that, we have some cool facial hair for sale too which is great for those guys who want to transform themselves into a disco-dancing, side-burn sporting man of the seventies! We also have some amazing 1970s fancy dress costumes for the ladies. Think flares and boho chic and you are half way there. Add platform shoes into the mix and you are ready to rock up to that 1970s party, looking like you have just stepped out of Abba's wardrobe! Well, the wardrobe they had back then, we wouldn't recommend anything they would wear now...not for this theme anyway!

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