Couples Costumes

Want an easy way to turn heads when it comes to fancy dress? Team up with your significant other and create a fab couples' costume! Batman and Robin, Shaggy and Scooby, Jack and Sally, Mario and Peaches, Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Alice and the Mad Hatter... the list goes on!

If you don't fancy coordinating outfits, you could just double up on the same costume to make a big impact. Dress as the perpetually lost Wally, opt for a Day of the Dead theme or shiver a few timbers in matching pirate getups. Then there are the classics – Snow White and Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and of course, Luke and Leia. If you want to be truly random, nothing says "I love you" like dressing as a steak and a bottle of sauce (yes, really).

The great thing about couples' fancy dress is that you'll both look as weird as each other, so you might as well make it spectacular! If you need more fancy dress ideas for couples, visit our handy inspiration page.

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