About Us

Morphsuits are the costume phenomenon taking over the world.

Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe! We’ve specially designed them so that you can breathe through them, see through them drink through them (only water of course!..), but nobody can see you.

They come in 30 or so vibrant colours and patterns so the response you get from people is unbelievable, we reckon it’s a bit like being a celebrity.

Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere from festivals to football games, fundraisers to frat parties, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, batchelor/stags/bucks to bungee jumps, or for just picking up some milk and bread from your local supermarket.

This site together with our Facebook page is all about having a sensational time in your Morphsuit. Just check out our 10,000 facebook photos and vids to see some of the incredible things people do in their Morphsuits…sky dive, bungee jump, morph pyramids, skiing, even flying a microlite plane.

We hope this helps you understand a bit more about us. But you won’t truly know until you get a Morphsuit for yourself. So, get a Morphsuit, join the fun and share some pics of the fun you have in yours. Morph on!